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Color Non-slip Pavement

Color Non-slip Pavement
Color Non-slip Pavement
Product Description

Go Green Color Non-Slip Pavement (Color Ceramic particle anti-slip pavement) is a pavement anti-skid system based on polyurethane resin. It includes specially formulated polyurethane adhesive and various anti-skid aggregates of different specifications, sizes and colors, which are coated on asphalt or cement concrete pavement to make the ground rough and non-slip. The surface has obvious improvements in landscaping and road safety, also due to its super water resistance, it can effectively extend the road service life. 

Color Antiskid Pavement

Color Non-Slip Pavement


1 ~ 3 mm -- thin non-slip road - sidewalks, bicycle lanes

3 ~ 5 mm---medium-sized non-slip road surface---small motor vehicle lane

5~8 mm---Thick non-slip road surface---Heavy motor vehicle lane


  1. Eco-friendly: safe for environment, non-toxic and harmless, no smell.

  2. Excellent performance: anti-ultraviolet, reduce heat island effect, reduce road temperature and extend service life.

  3. Safety warning: the eye-catching color improves the warning effect, reduces the incidence of traffic accidents, and beautifies the road landscape environment.

  4. Long lasting bright colors: variety types of colors, have good visual effects, especially used in harsh outdoor environments, and will not change color after long-term use.

  5. Super wear-resistant: the super abrasion resistance, have better abrasion resistance than ordinary asphalt pavement.

  6. Good anti-slip performance: the combined application of polymer polyurethane and wear-resistant aggregate effectively improves the anti-skid performance of the road surface.

  7. Convenient construction: quick and simple construction, the construction period is short, and the quick-drying materials reduce the traffic inconvenience caused by the construction and reduce the project cost.

  8. Good dispersibility: good water dispersion performance, safe and reliable, reduce noise.


Color Non-Slip Pavement

PU-50M type two-components polyurethane adhesive is a kind of adhesive specially used for color non-slip pavement, it has various colors, and can also be customized according to customer's requirements.

Color Non-Slip Pavement

Component A: 20kg/galvanized steel drum

Component B: 5kg/plastic drum (packed in carton for external use, four pieces per carton)

Ceramic particles color available in red, green, yellow, blue, grey, white etc

Color Non-Slip Pavement


Residential sidewalks, square, bicycle lane, landscape road, scenic area, non-motor vehicle lane, bus stop, bus & BRT lane, highway tunnel extrance, toll station, curves, ramps, speed bumps, etc.

Color Antiskid Pavement

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